Win 7 Config when cloned to SSD from Magnetic drive

Hello folks,

I plan to change from a standard drive to a ssd drive in the near future. The drive i am getting is 64gb and my current one is 320gb.

I am comfortable in re-sizing and swapping things about to the ssd i just had a question regarding windows configurations with ssd's.

I have read that when a solid state drive is present, Windows 7 will disable disk defragmentation, Superfetch, ReadyBoost, as well as boot and application launch prefetching.

My question is this...

My install being cloned from a "magnetic" install, will windows automatically turn off the above features or will it assume it is still on a standard drive and continue to run them? I ask because i don't want to put any unnecessary wear on the drive.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I could be wrong, but I think you will be OK.

    Windows determines that a sata drive is a SSD by the unusually fast response time.

    I think this detection will be done on a cold boot, and windows is set up accordingly.

    You should be able to verify that defragmentation is, in fact, turned off.
    If it is on, turn it off manually.

    I would not worry about the others, since they are readers, and not updaters.
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