How to Repair 3TB hard drive It shows only - 1.99TB.???
First this problem does not come From Yours WD hard drive.
All versions Windows -XP ,VISTA ,WIN - 7 suffer Amateurs programmer.

In implication all operational system have - 2TB LIMIT.
A limit It means that if you buy more huge from 2TB hard drive
Your Windows 7 It will receive only 2TB.

The only that can It helps out to overcome the issue is Linux -2010.
Linux -2010 is purfekt operational system after quick installation
You can separate Yours WD hard drive to 3 pises of 1TB.
Dont Forget to separate on NTFS.

After that install Stupid Windows and Play.
I personali will walk With Linux -2010.

On WESTERN DIGITAL I will recommend to Give With
Each hard disk CD on Linux.

Georgie M.
From Republic BULGERIA
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