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After some research, I finally narrowed down my list:

1.) Razer DeathAdder
2.) Logitech G500
3.) Logitech G5 (v.2)
4.) SteelSeries Ikari

Only ONE of those will I consider purchasing.

My necessities: Thumb buttons, not too sophisticated macros, Easy to work with on 64-bit Windows 7, Good for FINGER-TIP Gaming (or Claw-Grip), and comfortable for someone with long fingers.
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  1. I am G5 fan my self, but it some what subjective.
    I like to try before i buy. Some shops have them on display.
  2. im very happy with my ikari laser, i have long fingers too.
    its sensitive, be careful with that!
    on-board settings (adjustable by a little program (no install))

    and +1 to arkadi: try it out in a shop to feel it, if its just isn't right, don't buy it.
  3. I am planning to buy the Razer Imperator. Feature wise after reading some reviews i can its one of the best in the price range. And the shape is also very good!
  4. I have been using a G5 for years now and am quite happy with it.
    Doesn't mean it will fit the best in your hand though...
    The best thing you could do is take a trip to your local big box store or computer shop and lay a hand on the demo model.
  5. I was checking amazon or some other website (don't remember which one exactly), there it said G5 is out of production. G500 is the newer version of the G5 and G9x of the G9!
    I would say stick to Razer.
    What's your budget for the mouse?
  6. Another G5 user here, but as stated nothing gives you a feel for a mouse like, well, feeling it!
  7. Man this thread is getting replies... The thread in which i asked about mouse and mouse mats didn't even get much responses! :(
  8. hell_storm2004 said:
    Man this thread is getting replies... The thread in which i asked about mouse and mouse mats didn't even get much responses! :(

    Today's a slow news day. I hear the only thing that's happened was something to do with a giant iPhone or something... *shrug*
  9. I'm sorry for not including that my previous mouse was a LOGITECH G5 (v.1). I have used it for years but it has taken quite the beating, so I'm looking for something else. The g5 was indeed a GREAT MOUSE, so im hoping to get either the:

    DeathAdder, (More of a Palm Grip mouse, but very ergonomic sized.
    Ikari Laser, (Not 2 sure about this, heard its for gamers w/ smaller hands)
    G5 v.2 (Same as b4)
    G500 (Side buttons are small i heard)
    XAI (seems a very complex mouse to use)
  10. Take a look at the Logitech MX1100...:)
  11. Steelseries Xai is a fantastic mouse.

    I've tried many, many mice over the years (including all on your list) and to me the Xai is by far the best. Its really in a class of its own.

    It is very comfortable, tracks impeccably, very smooth glide (esp. on the SS 9HD pad) and has perfect button placement and action.

    I feel like a headshot machine with this mouse, far more accurate that with any other mouse I've ever owned, and I've owned a LOT.

    Since you're still shopping, be sure to give it a try.
  12. Also, what do you find complex about the Xai?
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