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Upgrade from H80 to H100?

I currently run an AMD FX 8120 OC 4.4Ghz, I cant push it farther due to the H80 not cooling it below 61C at full speed on Prime95 with the multipliers and voltage that high. However, I am unsure of how much of an increase I will see if I upgrade to the H100. If anyone has made this upgrade or knows please let me know.

CPU: AMD FX 8120 OC 4.4ghz (Corsair H80 Liquid Cooling)
MOBO: Sabertooth 990FX
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M 700W
GPU: GeForce GTX 460 SLI
RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
HHD's: SSD 64GB (OS) HDD 1TB (Games)
CASE: NZXT Phantom (5 Case Fans)
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    For the price, I'd look into an XSPC cooling loop, going to cost you a few bucks more but I've always read that actual cooling loops perform better then closed all in one systems. that should give you the head room your looking for. right now I have a custom loop (just finished it) and I've just about topped out my FX-6200 and am well below the thermal limits
  2. You'll be better off with a custom loop if you're hitting your temperature ceilings. Although the H100 has more rad space, you'll get a better block, better rad and better pump in something like an XSPC Rasa/Raystorm kit.

    The lowest-end XSPC kit is roughly the same price as the H100 and will generally perform better.
  3. Do AMD FX chips start to crash around low 60C temps? I would think they would be closer to 80C+ for this to be an issue. I'm not an AMD guy, but low 60's Celsius is relatively average for a moderately OC'd CPU. Even my 2600 non-K will get to mid 50's C with Intel Burn Test...and that's stock speeds on a full watercooling loop.

    AMD guys- Please chime in on AMD CPU heat threshold ranges if you can.

    Edit, found this:

    Electrical/Thermal parameters
    Maximum operating temperature 61°C
    Thermal Design Power 125 Watt

    Not sure how accurate this is, but might actually be an issue.
  4. Rubix, I just went through this with my liquid cooling loop on my FX-6200. these new FX chips seem to be designed to run alot cooler and have a much lower thresh-hold but do tend to achieve more on much less heat. Unless someone who's melted a chip at 62C can chime in, I'd keep yourself on the safe side and program your stress test to shut down around 55C
  5. From some initial Google searching, I would tend to agree with your statement. Seems like a low temp, but I'm used to Intel chips.

    I would be curious if these temps could be controlled a little more via some detailed BIOS and voltage adjustment.
  6. that one I'm not sure about, I do know that with my loop and my volts at 1.5V (test for temps) my CPU did not hit the thermal ceiling before it lost system stability b/c of the overclock I was shooting for. take that with a grain of salt of course b/c I've just broken into this whole liquid cooling / over clocking thing.
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