Overclocking Problems with 1055t

Hey people.
So i tried to overclock today but had some problems, What i did was:
Raised the FSB clock to 220 wich took me around 3.2 GHz
disabled Cool and quiet and that stuff.
Tried to keep Frequencys as stock as possible
But when i booted my PC stoped in a screen and told that i had problems booting and i could either head back to bios or just reset or continue, When i continued my PC reverted back to Stock settings.
This are my specs:
Proccesor: AMD X6 II 1055t
Motherboard: GA-880GM-USB3 (Gigabyte)
FAN: Ice Blade GS Deep cool
I followed this Tutorial:
If you could help me i woud really appreaciate it
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  1. What are the "stock as possible" frequencies (where did they end up), and what voltage are you running on the cpu?
  2. My voltage is 1.4750 and my stock frequency for RAM was 1333, For Northbridge and HT it was 2000. Im also experiencing sometimes freezing for a pair of seconds
  3. I would try 3.0 Ghz and see if it's stable.

    Also, if your stock ram speed is 1333, what was it after the OC?
  4. I have reached 3.038 and i had some problems
    First: If i raised the FSB more that 3 units my system wouldnt boot so i have to enter BIOS and raise One by one.
    Second: Im getting these weird freezes sometimes while playing and browsing.
    My RAM reached 1446 after i overclocked, I think it has something to do with the board that it isnt letting me overclock
  5. Try lowering the multiplier on your ram so that it's running slower than stock. (Just to eliminate it as a possible problem)
  6. Did that, Even though i reverted yesterday to stock settings sometmes my computer is left there and it will blue screen
  7. If it's messing up at stock settings, it sounds like something is defective.

    Try memtest on your ram.(since that's a simple test)

    After that, part-swapping and testing may be in order.
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