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If this is the wrong section of the forums then i apologize for being so dumb. I am thinking of selling my old gaming PC and thought id ask the people at toms hardware forums for some pricing help. I am NOT trying to sell it on the forums, i just would like a price check. Here are the specs:

-Sapphire ATI Radeon 2900XT with 512mb
-AM2+ AMD Phenom 9600 Quad CPU 2.4 GHZ Agena (Black Edition) or AM2 AMD Athlon X2 6000+ CPU Windsor (depending whats worth more)
-Asus M2R32-MVP Motherboard
-4GB DDR2 (800 i believe)
-Seagate SATA 500GB 7200rpm
-DVD rom and DVD burner w/ lightscribe (not sure if it really matters)

Any Help would be appreciated. If this is for some reason against the rules please do inform me and i will delete the post ASAP
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  1. $200 tops
  2. not to be disrespectful but A bit on the low end, mind explaining why? Also forgot to mention the 650 watt psu
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    First Gen Phenoms are notorious for being bad processors.
    You're going to have to pay people to take them.

    The 2900XT was an awesome card, but is way outdated now.

    DDR2 is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    I just bought a re certified Seagate 500BG drive for $25

    Motherboard is probably the only thing you got going.

    If you're expecting me to say $400, then Imma have to tell you that for $400, I can build myself a brand new computer.

    I have an Intel Q8200 system with two WD 320s in RAID-0, Windows 7 Home, 8 gigs of ram, and HD 3870 that I'm trying to pawn off for $400, and nobody wants it.
    Its less than a year old and is probably worth $700, but with the new chipsets and hard ware coming out, the price for computers has really taken a nose dive.

    Try pawning it off to someone who doesn't know anything about computer. That's what I try doing, but I can't find anyone who has any money.
  4. AMD is now using the AM3 socket, RAM is all DDR3, ATI graphics cards are DX11,
    SATA DVD burners are $30 new, faster 500GB HDDs are $55 new.

    Unfortunately everything in your system is outdated except the DVD. You will likely have a hard time selling it like masterasia says. Converting it into an HTPC or DVR might be a good use for it.
  5. Where do u guys get hardrives? I'm not argueing I actualy need to replace one
  6. This is the best price/performance new 500GB HDD available right now.
    Its got free shipping right now even.

    There is a 1TB model for $85 if you need bigger.

    Refurb 500GB at $25 IDK where. You can get them at $35ish used on ebay.
  7. Kraizk said:
    Where do u guys get hardrives? I'm not argueing I actualy need to replace one

    I got connections through Ingram Micro
  8. Look at I haven't used them personally, but a friend of mine says they are awesome. I believe it's free shipping on everything as well, and he says he has not had problems ordering from them. I noticed they've got a few "White label" oem style 500gb drives for under 50 bucks.
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