3x4GB - Kingston or OCZ?

I want 12GB with room to grow for my new 930 (running VMWare virtual machines). This implies using 4GB wazznames as in 3x4GB.

HOWEVER, two things bug me (newegg search result):

First, the least expensive item, OCZ's at $379, is 60% (!) cheaper than the $869 Kingston. However, only Kingston has reviews (100% approval rate, at that). Is OCZ so much inferior?

Second, all items are 1.65V. I heard that not only is the recommended voltage 1.5V, but the trend is going lowever, e.g. 1.35V.

Should I buy the OCZ, the Kingston, or neither?
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  1. I would gor for Corsair. If not, go for Gskill or Crucial.

    Anyway, in my opinion kingston is good enough (and better than OCZ).
  2. Thank you for your answer!

    1. Would you have a link for the Corsair or Crucial? Couldn't find on Newegg (linked in my post at "newegg search result").
    2. 3x$GB Only OCZ can be obtained here (Israel). The others I'd have to have someone purchase online and send it to me - a bother and an issue with the warranty but doable. Is the quality issue with the OCZ so troublesome to bother?
  3. I have found these ones:

    Crucial: http://www.crucial.com/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=56F7169BA5CA7304

    It seems that Corsair doesn't have available 3X4Gb modules yet. You shoud go for 6x2Gb.

    The compatibility of the OCZ modules is not the best.
  4. Thanks!
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