Video card memory question.

Hello, I'm customizing a PC on the HP direct site, the e9250t to be exact ( For the video card options it has

512mb radeon hd 4350 (base)
512mb radeon hd 4850 (+25)
1gb radeon hd 4650(+50)
1gb nvidia gt 220 (+80)
1gb radeon hd 4850 (+180)

I'm torn between the 512mb radeon hd 4850 and the 1gb radeon hd 4650. The 4850 is obviously faster, but it has less memory, would the extra 512mb make a big difference? I don't play games that require that much memory I don't think. Stuff like Warcraft 3, Heroes of Newerth, and Left 4 Dead. I was wondering, what you guys would recommend for the best value?
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  1. What's the resolution of your monitor?
  2. i think its 1440 x 900. 19 inch lcd. i might consider upgrading to a larger monitor in the future though.
  3. bump anyone?
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    I don't think that resolution matters here

    the 512 hd 4850 should beat 1024 hd 4650 no matter what resolution
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