Help me build the right system.

Hi guys, I am in need of some serious help in building a system. I have been so far out of the whats up to date and whats junk its not even funny.
I would like to keep my budget around 2,500.

What i am going to need it for. " Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver CS4, Flash CS4" Basically finishing school and need to custom build a system that i can start my freelance webdesign with.


BUDGET RANGE: 2,000-2,500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Webdesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash ALL CS4. Gameing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Need everything will use old system for kids.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (If you want to link newegg links that would rock so i could add to cart.)


1- TB HD probbaly with 32mb cache

min of 8 gigs DDR3 maybe 16?

PARTS PREFERENCES: No preference just that it is FAST and Reliable and FAST LOL

OVERCLOCKING: Would prefer not to but would consider if easy enough.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Prefer 2 - 24" monitor would like glossy HD fear of the MAC

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Need a super fast pc for designing websites will start freelance design soon.

Also need good Tower case

guessing 1,000 watt power supply?

windows 7 64 bit professional OEM?

and no clue about video cards. Like if i should go with 1 top of the line or 2 of them that are just below top.

Fill in the gaps and save my sanity....

Dont want to pick the wrong things and relise they do not work that well together.

And being able to play the latest online games is a plus. "If i have time that is lol"

Scared already about my last semester of college and going into the freelance world of web design .

Thanks guys.
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  1. Try to edit your post to fit the format.

    *How To Ask For New Build Advice*

    And yes, you definitely want an i7 CPU. I would be of more help, but I don't know much about Photoshop or Dreamweaver, so not sure what you'd need.
  2. This system I built will impress you.

    It's only $1231.98.

    If your looking to get more power for your budget of $2000-$2500, we can work with that.

    The motherboard on this system has 3 PCI x16 slots (two true x16, one x4). They are double spaced so you DO NOT need to worry about fitting huge graphics cards into it.

    Get double the RAM (1600mhz is super fast) this system has; the motherboard on this system supports RAM up to 2000mhz

    Get two nVidia 285 GPU's with the watercooling brick's (videos on youtube will show you easily how to install)

    And with those changes your total actually comes close to $2400.
  3. Its unlikely you want more than a good quality 750W power supply. 1000W is for 3 or 4 graphics cards. Antec TruePower 750 or Corsair 750TX is a good option.

    Skip watercooling. Does mixing electricity and water sound like a good idea? Good air cooling is almost as effective, cheaper and far safer.

    If you arent hardcore gaming, a single graphics card (even mid-range) will be all that you should need. ONly question is if your software favors one brand of graphics card. Better check on their forums for GPU preferences.
  4. Thanks for the info

    Anyone got any good suggestions for a build that would fit my needs.
  5. I would start with the stickied "builds by usage" thread and grab the basic enthusiast build then tweak it for that software.
  6. DO NOT get that kingwin psu
  7. i think the problem is that almost everyone on here builds rigs for high end gaming , but idk maybe a gaming rig could also be consider a photo editing web design and flash rig . ill do some research
  8. The CPU/Motherboard/RAM are the same. Gaming requires more GPU per CPU to be balanced. A high end gamer with a lesser graphics card should be a great computer for the OPs purposes.

    The main question I have is if his software has driver bias toward nvidia or ATI graphics cards or not.
  9. Not sure really most of the systems at the campus are MAC
  10. With a 2500 budget you can afford a mac if it suits your needs best. PCs are alot more economical but not necessarily the best choice for everyone. (Wonder if they will ban me for saying that here? :p)
  11. lol would rather just have a pc that outperforms a mac. :) still a pc person
  12. Please don't hate me for this, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree. For the apps you're listing, I am convinced you'll see almost no difference between a $1,000 build (excluding monitor) and a $2,000 one that has several super-duper GPUs.

    Get a decent-speed CPU (i5 or Phenom II X3/X4) and a single fast graphics card (anything like nVidia GS260 or better will do fine). 750W PSU is plenty for that; 1000W is overkill. 8GB RAM is also more than you'll ever use, start with 4GB and add some if you ever need to (I doubt it). Spend the money on
    - fast large HDDs (e.g. 2xSamsung F1 1TB; they'll make the biggest difference to you),
    - the best color-true monitor you can find,
    - a Wacom tablet (an absolute must for what you do),
    - and a color calibration tool that'll allow you to set accurate colors in your system (this will run you $100-500; you get what you pay for).
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