Is my 3dMark score way too low? HD4870 with 4293 GPU score.

Just ran the 3dmarkvantage in Performance Mode. It ran at 1280x1024 and my total score was P6239. GPU score was 7350 and cpu score was 4293.

I have a XFX 4870. It idles at around 70 celsius and 68 celsius(side panel open).

Is my GPU score too low? I read other people's GPU scores and they were getting over 8000's.
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  1. your card runs hot...idles at 70? my Club 3D 4890 idles at 52, and it is now summer in South Africa.
    What power supply are you running?
    My 8800 got pathetic marks in 3DMark06, and I hooked it up to a better power supply, and got a much better score.
  2. I have a thermaltake Purepower 600w PSU.
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