Computer stuct after splash screen

I own a rig with the following config:
Intel quad core q6600 @ 2.66ghz
D975xbx2 mobo
8gb ram(4 sticks)
nvidia 9800 gtx video card
600W PSU

Everything was ok just a few days ago when my PC got stuck and refuses to go past the splash screen. I can even access the BIOS. Usually after the splash screen a info screen appears stating the marvell bios setting is not availabe. This screen stays for a few seconds and the system boots up. But i am currently stuck in that screen and cant get past it. This rig used to be my regular PC before i got another i7 rig and used this rig only occasionally. Could this factor in the problem????
I tried resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery and re-inserting it..... Still having the same problem

Any thoughts on this???.... Please help me out on this guys....
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  1. Take out some RAM and try again.
  2. I have tried with one ram stik...still no go...
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