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Hello , I recently got a gtx 570 to play BF3 . I have a water cooled q9300 with no oc on a xfx 790i Ultra . Im afraid that my processor is bottle necking my gpu . I would like to overclock my cpu . If possible I would like to leave my Epp memory enabled at 1800 mhz . I dont know really anything at all about over clocking and any help would be greatly appreciated , Thanks !
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  1. Nobody has any advice at all ? Come on guys , I came here because of the awesome reputation of getting questions answered ! Please Help me Tom's Hardware Community Kenobi , you're my only hope !
  2. The nVidia nForce 600/700 chipset overclocks a little differently from the other Intel BIOS's. You set the FSB clock, not the FSB freq. And you can run the memory "linked" or "Unlinked".

    This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide (generic guide based on an Asus motherboard)
    Use this for background information only.

    Your stock settings:
    FSB clock - 1333 MHz (same as 333 MHz FSB freq)
    Set memory to Linked (or perhaps "Synced").
    Memory freq should be 1333 MHz.

    Enable manual CPU control.

    Set memory voltage to 1.65 volts.

    Now start increasing the FSB. Stress test. If the system fails, increase CPU voltage and retest.

    Repeat the above step until:
    1. No more improvement in CPU speed, or
    2. Core voltage equals 1.45 volts, or
    3. Load temps reach 70 C.

    1:1 FSB:RAM ratio is best for stability, plus there is little improvement in system performance if trying to run the RAM faster.

    Leave SpeedStep enabled.

    The Q9300 has a relatively low (7.5) internal multiplier. I doubt if you will be able to get more than about 3.2 GHz out of the system but every little bit will help.
  3. Thanks alot , Ill be trying this out later this week . I really appreciate the help . Do you possibly know of a quick easy way to do this ? i know that the 790i was pretty popular so if you know of like an oc short cut thatd be great !
  4. No shortcuts that I know of.
  5. Well i honestly think my computer is just too antiquated .
    I dont have the time to keep fiddling with it . I wasnt able to overclock without it being unstable . I believe its time for me to bite the bullet and upgrade my mobo and cpu . If you have any advice it would greatly be appreciated . Thanks
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