New w7 system freezes

I put together this box for a neighbour last week, but am having a freezing problem:

Case: Arctic-Cooling Silentium T1 Eco80 with 550W Power Supply

CPU: Intel Core i5-750
M/board: Gigabyte P55-UD3
Memory : Corsair 4 GB DDR3-1333 DHX Kit
Graphics: Sapphire HD4850 Vapor-X HDMI

Hard Drive: Maxtor STM3500418AS 500Gb Serial-ATA
Drive 1: LiteOn Blu-ray ROM Serial-ATA
Drive 2: Samsung SH-S223C DVD Serial-ATA
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2233BW
Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser

Windows 7 64bit OS is installed. (NL version, because my neighbours are Dutch).

I assembled the components with extra care as it isn't my PC, and windows seemed to install perfectly first time. I then installed the latest drivers for the hardware.
I used the PC for 24 hours with no problems, installed Windows Live Messenger, Skype and AVG Free, and used the PC for a further 2 days before delivering it to my neighbour.

All was good at first, but the following day the PC froze. Keyboard and Mouse were dead. Restarting was the only option.
After restart, the PC was fine. But the problem reoccured later.

I visited my neighbours house, and saw for myself that the PC was frozen. At this point I took the PC back to my house.
The events log shows the unexpected restarts, but I cannot find why the PC is freezing.
Or was freezing rather, because at my house it continued to run fine for a further 3 days. No freezes, no problems at all. Skype, Messenger and AVG worked OK. I even played Rollercoaster Tycoon for a few hours, as this was the only other software that had been installed.

I then returned the PC to my neighbour, with strict instruction not to install anything or plug anything in or out of the computer. Just to use it. Other than plugging in the speakers, the only change was the LAN Cable to connect the PC to thier modem rather than mine.

However, the following day, the PC froze again. I am thinking that I may have to reinstall windows 7 in the hope that the problem may solve itself. But I would rather find the cause of this problem.

Can anyone make any suggestions as to where I may look for help? What should I be looking for in the events viewer. I have noted the time of the restarts and tried to find events just previous to this but with no success.
I should explain that the event viewer on this PC is also in Dutch which isn't making things easy for me, but I do have an english version on my PC and can tranlate it, but only very slowly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I've been having a lot of computers freeze up on me at work. Although we don't use Windows 7, we get random freezes. I narrowed it down to the video card. When we bought them, we didn't specify a video card so the builder put some crappy Jatons in them. These things were overheating badly and froze the computer everytime it got hot.

    So my suggestion is to check the temps on the CPU and GPU. Next I would run some memory tester like MemTest86+
  2. I am having exactly the same problems. I cannot find what is causing the system to freeze nor how to correct it. I also am afraid I may have to do ANOTHER install of W7; but, given the pain in the butt it was the first time to re-install all my programs and email, I do not want to have to do it if it can be avoided.
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