Bios doesn't detect Hard-Drive


Got a PC problem, yesterday when I got home, I turned on my PC and gave me an error: Please Insert System Disk Failure. (I was gone for a day)
BIOS doesn't detect a hard-drive or optical drive.
I tried different cables, hard drives and optical drives, same problem, not detected in BIOS.
Bios Reset, Clear CMOS, nothing.
They get power but not detected in BIOS. (I can hear the sound of hard-drive running but it's not detected in bios)
Eventually I managed to make a bootable stick with Live Linux still does not detect hard-drive.
I have only one IDE slot on the motherboard, so I barrow a S-ATA HDD from a friend.
Today I have tried with a S-ATA Hard-Drive, same problem, doesn't recognised in bios.

I ask for your help.

Sorry for my bad english.
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  1. You tried cables, another SATA Drive but nothing worked.
    How about borrowing your friend's power supply. Power supply might have gone bad. I mean, when nothing works, all possibilites have to be eliminated.
    Wishing you good luck and hope this problem is fixed - Thanks!!!!
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