[HELP]Overclocking the Q6600 @ 3.2ghz on Asus P5n-e Sli MB

Hello guys, I am really in need of help right now of how to overclock this processor, I have read anything online of how to do it, tried other methods and seems I am always stuck at windows loading, and then having blue screen.

How can I overclock my processor to 3.2ghz?

here is the spec of my computer

Processor: Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz *( still unstable right now )
Motherboard: ASUS p5n-e SLi
Ram: 4gb Ram Corsair twinx *please look at the picture
PSU: 550watts CWT sli ready PSU
Graphics Card: GTX 550ti
Cooler: A good Air Cooler


Vcore: auto
Dram: auto
NB: 1.7v ( because its the only thing that makes it kinda stable to 3.0ghz )
Vcoreoffset: auto

no more other options

Help guys :(
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