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I'm in need of a second monitor for my workstation, but not as large as my main one (23''). I have a laptop right next to my desktop monitor almost all the time, to add some aditional workspace, but it's somewhat clumsy to keep stisching to laptop and back - so I wondered - can't I just connect my laptop to my desktop Gfx card (Radeon 5870) and use its display as a second monitor, instead of buying another separate monitor? Is that even possible?
Would a simple VGA/DVI cable to the trick?
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  1. Noone really tried this?
  2. The display on the laptop gets it connection right from the graphics adapter inside. You would have to have some kinda of video input card installed in the laptop and then configure it to display that image. Kinda like a TV card. It would probably be cheaper to buy a small monitor. But a simple answer to your question, no you can't do that.
  3. Thanks!
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