No boot after IRQL windows 8 not even bios

I was updating my video driver on windows 8 from the direct file from nvidia. about 70% I get a irql error computer rebots and after that computer wont boot. The dvd drive and the left fan turn on. I tried hitting f8 on boot , esc on boot. removing Cmos batterie al peripherals, and no luck. i tried booting from a live cd, ubuntu windows 7 windows 8, no luck.

any ideas? i got a test to do
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  1. Sounds off hand as though your power supply got strained during the update and isn't producing current as it should. If you have a PSU tester, test it, if there is another PSU available, I'd try swapping it out. Even if it's only a 250W, you can connect your mobo and CPU to at least try to get a good POST.
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