ASUS P6T SE and USB Won't Shut Down

I just upgraded my system to an i7 730 and the above mobo. I have a USB audio interface connected to my system. When I power down the system my interface stays on. Nothing else is on, mouse, fans etc. I have to turn off the switch on the PSU or unplug the interface. I checked some other post that have problems with the system restarting after it's shut down but I'm not having that problem. I tried moving from the front to back USB ports but same thing. Any thoughts?
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  1. I still haven;t resolve this. I don't see anything in the BIOS that refers to USB Power Settings. I'm obviously missing something.
  2. So the speaker system (or whatever) is still on and drawing power while the PC is soft off?

    Check to see if your speakers support "Low Standby Power"
  3. Is there a way to turn of "Soft Off" in the BIOS?
  4. Dunno, check the motherboard manual, or go into the BIOS and look around.
  5. I've checked both. There is nothing specific that relates to power for USB. There are settings for:

    Suspend Mode - S1 S3
    ACPI Support
    ACPI APCI Support
    APM Configuration

    All with configurable settings but again nothing relating to USB.
  6. What kind of audo system are you using?
  7. The PC is used for Audio Recording for music production. My audio interface is a Zoom R16.

    I just purchased a USB piano keyboard and it does the same thing plugged into a different USB port.
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