890fxa, 5980 Code 35 Stuck in 640x460 16 color

CPU AMD|PH II X6 1055T 2.8 G AM3 RT

This is my first build. I have used driver sweeper and followed the driver installation instructions.
I have all the latest drivers, even for the 5970, and in the device manager it says that they are using the drivers, but it says code 35, your board does not have enough information, please update bios. I have the latest bios (1.4), I even tried reinstalling windows 7 several times. When I go to change the resolution the box is grayed out and I am stuck in 640x480 16 color. If I go into the advanced options it says I am using the driver VGAsave.

Also, when I put the second stick of ram it, it gets stuck on the welcome to windows screen with the little windows emblem on boot up. I should mention that, as well as the first boot image both are far higher resolution than when windows does start.

I am also getting that even though I have the latest RAID, Chipset, and bios.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Can u test the GPU in another rig? or test ur rig with another GPU?
  2. I put in a old card from a very old computer and the graphics work fine.
    But not with the 5970.
  3. Is the old card PCI-E?

    In this case could it be the GPU or the PCI-E slot of the mobo. Do u test also installing the GPU in another CPI-E slot?
  4. I tested the 5970 in all slots, and the old one in just the first.
    The 5970 did not work in any.

    Any idea what that code 35 in the image could mean?
  5. See this looks more a problem of the mobo. Contact with MSI Tech support and tell they the problem that u have. Maybe can give to u a solution or RMA that mobo and get an ASUS M4A89TD or Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5.
  6. So is the board bad or does it not work with the 5970? Anyway to fix this?
  7. Yeah, I think that could it be the mobo. Follow my suggestion and contact to MSI tech support.
  8. I did a few days ago, they are kinda slow. After swapping the cards I think it may be the card. Is there any way to be sure which is which without using the card in another system? I could test it in the low res because everything functions properly besides that. How can I test the board and the card?
  9. For test the GPU u can use 3D mark 06 and only select the GPU test. For the mobo is more difficult since I don't know any program that do that.
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