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Hi there.

This is my first post in here so i do apologize if i make any mistakes in this thread/post. Anyways, was hoping you guys could help me out here with my router issue.

I am currently using the D Link DIR 655 which is wired to my PC (in my room) and also being used as a wireless router in the house. Problem is the signal strength is very weak when i'm using the laptop in the living room and some of the other rooms. My previous router was the WRT54G v2.2 and i was wondering if it was possible to link these 2 routers wirelessly and use them both as routers in the house. Apart from that, i'm using the Speedtouch ST 536 v6 as the modem given by my local internet service provider.

I'm basically a total idiot in this networking stuff and was hoping a kind soul could show me towards the right direction. Just on a side note, the reason i also bought the DIR 655 and not using the WRT54G is partly because the modem seems to be incompatible with the linksys router.

So yeah, hope to hear from you guys soon.


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  1. You probably CAN'T link these two routers wirelessly. It would minimally require each to implement a protocol called WDS.

    There’s a good chance they both do, but WDS is often incompatible across manufacturers (since it's not a wifi certified protocol), but you could always try. And even if compatible, there are often other limitations (e.g., sometimes it will only work w/ WEP).

    WDS is usually disabled by default. And requires you identify which devices will be wirelessly bridged by specifying their respective WLAN MAC address in each other's router configuration. They have to be using the same wireless channel, security type and key, etc.

    Another alternative is to install third party firmware like dd-wrt or tomato on the WRT54G v2.2 (which fortunately is compatible), but many ppl are reluctant to take that route, esp. if they don’t have much networking experience. But it would work. You could then turn the WRT54G into either a wireless client bridge (if you only needed wired clients at the bridge) or wireless repeater bridge (if you needed BOTH wired and wireless clients at the bridge).

    Of course, you can always link the two via wire, but that’s probably not what you’re looking for. If you did, you’d have to make a few adjustments on the WRT54G (disable it’s DHCP server, make sure it has a different static IP than the DIR-655, etc.). IOW, it’s not entirely plug-n-play, you do have to “fix things up” a bit, but it will work.

    Or just buy a wireless repeater off the shelf (e.g., ZyXEL WAP3205).
  2. You asked the wrong question. What you really want is for the WRT54G to run as an EXTENDER not a Router. Here is the setup I had to use with a Hawking Router to run an an extender: you will need to connect the WRT with a LAN cable to make the settings.

    our router’s interface screen. Go to the wireless> Basic set up
    select universal repeater mode.

    select site scan, select the DSL modem SSID, connect to it and enter the encryption if the modem has encryption. make sure the wireless connection established, go to network and disable the DHCP server.

    unplug the Ethernet cable from the router, use your wireless connection you should WRT54G router connect to the router, then your computer will be able to browse the internet.

    Failing this speak with Linksys and explain that you want to configure the WRT54G as an Extender.
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