OK to replace power brick with standard ATX powersupply?

Can I replace a missing power brick for a Gateway Profile 4 (all in one 17" LCD , P4) with a spare standard ATX power supply?

The Gateway power brick specs:

Gateway Part Number: 6500683. Model ADP-160AB
AC Input: 100 - 240V AC ~2100mA, 50 - 60Hz
DC Output: 12V, 13.33A, 6-PIN Power Tip

The pins P1,2,3 are GND
and P4,5,6 are 12V

Where can I buy a 6 pin plug or adapter or pins?

Thanks for any assistance.
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  1. Looks like this plug is the reverse of a PCI-E power supply plug (polarity of pins P1,2,3 and P4,5,6 reversed from those of this power brick). Easy enougth to cut and splice the wires of course.

    Or, new egg sells a 4 pin PSU Molex plug to 6 pin PCI_E plug converter for ~ $4 plus $6 s/h.

    I also now understand that the round pins will fit into square holes - so the plugs should mate OK.

    My remaining question is then concerning available watts - PCI-E is specified to only go up to 75 watts - but this may be conservative. Depends on the rails of the PSU I guess?
  2. Did you ever try this out? I made a similar PCI-E plug converter mod for one of these machines. I found I had to have all the 12V lines plugged into the same PSU rail in order for it to work, but I didn't want to run it too long like that since the wiring for the cheap power supply I was using looked awful thin.
  3. I did get it to work just fine. Initially I tried a new power supply I had on hand - but had intermittent luck (using a jumper) getting it to power up since new supplies are switched via the main cable to the motherboard (some sort of soft switch).

    I then tried a much older power supply that had a mechanical power on switch. Works fine now. The power draw doesn't seem a problem - not sure if this old PS has more than one rail - it is a very old entry level Lite On. Hope that is of some use. I am sure someone else can give a better answer.
  4. Most PSU's under 1 kw are single rail PSU's, regardless of what the advertising says.
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