E7300 OC on Gigabyte G41MT s2

Hello ..I currently have a E7300 oc to 3.33GHz-->FSB 333 Multiplier 10.RAM is 1333MHz DDR3 9-9-9-24..Voltage is Auto .CPUZ reads 1.296volts.Upto this everything is stable (Intel Burn Test Max stress 10 Times & P95 8Hrs + Have been running Games like skyrim bfbc2 on it for months).Heat sink is stock as provided by HP(Its a branded Rig).PSu is Coolermaster extreme 500 watt.

Beyond this anything i try is unstable no matter how much voltage i give or not

I heard that this mobo is oc unfriendly and specific to cpus!!! thats why i have prob reaching higher oc.

so plz help me out here..Bios is pretty weird .Award bios w/o much options as in asus mobos :cry: :cry: Fine tuning and error detection in specific fields isn't possible :pfff: :pfff:
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  1. That is a pretty good OC for that CPU

    almost all branded rigs (HP, Acer, Dell & Etc) have VERY limited overclocking options as these systems are typically marketed to people with little knowledge of hardware.

    or else they would have built a custom rig for less than the branded PC cost.

    Its not worth replacing the motherboard, i would go CPU, Mobo, RAM to get urself a decent upgrade.
  2. HugoStiglitz said:
    That is a pretty good OC for that CPU OEM motherboard.

    The motherboard is your real limiting factor.

    The chip is good for anywhere from about 3.6 to 4.0 GHz. I have an E7500 in an old G'byte P35 running at 4.1 GHz.
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