How to Test a new system?


I've recently built a new system and I noticed some studdering issues when playing COD4..

What's the best method for me to test the entire system to narrow down the cause of the issue?

My specs are:

Intel Core i5
Sapphire HD5770
4GB DDR3 Ram
Gigabyte P55-UD3R

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  1. Memtest86+ for ram run it over night
    IntelBurn test for CPU
    Prime95 over all system
    Core temps
    Real temps

    Some of the tools used to test and tweek systems
  2. Drop the anti-aliasing to 2x or 4x, see if that resolves it. I think its more likely a settings issue than a physical problem.
  3. AA is already turned off. I also decreased the res in game to 1680 instead of 1920.

    Originally. I would have 100+ fps and the it would drop to 50 for half a second. This would repeat every 5-10 seconds. Even when I doubt move in the game.

    Now that I decreased the res, I would get 150+ fps but I don't see the drop in fps. However I still get the studdering (half second freeze).

    Just got MW2 so I'll test that too.

    Would windows 7 be a factor?
  4. Is this COD4 single player or on someone sever somewhere? Try the demo single player to eliminate internet issues.

    What HDD do you have?
    Make sure all of your power management stuff is turned off.

    I also have a 5770 and have the COD:modern warfare free demo loaded. I play smoothly it at 1380 at high settings with no such stuttering. I dont have anything loaded to check frame rates, what are you doing for that?
  5. For what its worth CODWAW has that half seconed pause for me also, it did this on my last build also C2D @ 3.8 with a GTX 260 and with this build.

    Do what the OP said play in single player mode if its good there i would say server side lag
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