How to contact Lian Li??????

Does anyone know how to contact Lian Li? I have tried to send a number of emails to their support email address but they keep bouncing, mailbox full.
They also have removed their support forums. I also contacted the local distributor for Lian Li and it looks like they are not doing any better.
That was 3 weeks ago.
Any ideas?
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  1. Break-out the phasers and get to the transporter room! Sorry, I took one look at your avatar, and thought , "What would Spock do?" Here's a page, choose United States, with a California address and phone #.
  2. You do not contact Lian Li, they contact you.
  3. Hmmmmm...interesting. Another exciting mystery begging to be solved.

    I don't think Lian Li has an office in the USA. I also don't think they have actual distributors (wholesalers) either. At least that's what the rep at JCL told me when I called him a little while ago. Those four US companies listed on the Lian Li contact page are all retail vendors.

    In the meantime, received a shipment of one of the Dragon Lord cases that had sold out.

    I checked some other forums. No mention of disappearing Lian Li web pages.

    Come Watson! The game's afoot!
  4. *Sorry posted same link as above.
  5. Lian Li is ABS in the US. So for a case like Lian Li Tyr PC-x2000 you would contact ABS, it is rebanded as ABS Canyon 695
  6. Lian Li is NOT ABS...they're not affiliated whatsoever. If you call ABS's customer care line, they don't even know who Lian-Li is...
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