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I'm trying to use a USB style mouse while running Windows 95. Is there anyway to get this style mouse to work or is it impossible? It says the mouse was not detected.
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  1. You will have to load a driver for the mouse. If it's a generic mouse, try this from MS for intellipoint.
  2. Are other USB devices working normally? If not, or you don't have any to check, you may also need to load a USB driver, and make sure in your machine's BIOS that it is allocating an interrupt for the USB ports.
  3. I have a similar problem with my mouse, I have a Pilot Board Wireless Desktop set mad e by Kensington. It was working fine, until i installed Windows 7. I should be more exact, sorry my mosue works fine its the MMB that doesn't work i can t find any drivers to make it work and I would love to have this fix because i have a program that i constatly use it. So any help would be appreciated. and Thank You in advanced
  4. Please start your own thread, instead of hijacking this one. Thank you.
  5. Sorry about that. and relax
  6. I hope your copy of win95 is the one with USB support.
    If not try one of thos dongles that converts your usb to a ps/2 connector. My mouse came with one.
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