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So after milking the life of my failing P35-DS3R as long as possible, I've come to the point where I need to replace it. I was going to RMA to Gigabyte, but did a bit of research prior to sending in the RMA request and read many stories of people left unsatisfied with the process, both in length of repair time (well over a month) and lack of quality repair (i.e. sending back the same board "repaired", which resulted in a recurrence of the original problem). However, I also read some people who said they had flawless service, with two week waits and new boards as replacements. I was wondering if there was any general consensus on the quality of Gigabyte RMA service, and dependent on this consensus, any advice for in regards with how to proceed in acquiring a working LGA775 motherboard.
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  1. Anyone know?
  2. Must be doin' my job![:jaydeejohn:4] [:bilbat:9]

    One of my avowed purposes here is to prevent (or at least minimize) RMAs - industry studies point to the fact that between 80 & 90% of RMA'd products are 'NDF" - no defect found! It's not always 'LNBK' either; support, I believe, has a lot to do with that 'ratio'...

    Have a GA-H55M-USB3 coming in for someone in the next week or two; it's the ninth or tenth board in the last year - have never gotten anything defective from GB yet!
  3. My motherboard is definitely defective, as the computer won't start up unless it reaches a certain temperatures, either through atmospheric heat or running without posting for a time.

    With that said, what is LNBK, and what do you think I should do if I shouldn't RMA it?
  4. No no - you take me wrong - there is always the possibility of getting a bad anything - no manufacturing (or design, for that matter) process is 100% perfect - no part is 100% reliable. However, I've seen people on their third board, after two RMAs, boards with different serial numbers, still having the same problem, and unable to comprehend the odds against getting three 'actually bad' boards in a row!

    Sometimes, stuff just fails! Sometimes, longevity is related to how hard you push it, versus how well you cool it... I 'push it' pretty hard, but have nine fans in my case, not counting the one in the PSU, and my system is, basically, water-cooled! [:bilbat:9]

    Reminds me of something that happened in my youth: my second 'factory job' was working in a place where they made shipping drums, mostly 5 and 6 gallon, mostly DOT approved for shipping hazardous substances, so the seams between the tops and bottoms, and the drum bodies had to be continually inspected and adjusted - pretty much the same thing ('double-seaming', it's called) as an old-fashioned 'soup can'... Some years later, I went to work for a place, one of whose products were fishing 'bait buckets', whose bottoms were also double-seamed. Found a couple ladies 'painting' shellac into the inside of the bottoms, and asked what they were doing - they said they leaked. I said something like "bad batch, huh - double-seamer problem?", and they got all out of joint - said "we've been working here for eight years, and they've always leaked!" I laughed, and replied "all that means, lady, is they've been seaming 'em wrong for eight years!"

    loose nut behind keyboard
  5. I've checked every other part for problems, so I'm fairly sure its the motherboard. Would you suggest an RMA, knowing with 95% certainty you are sending in the the defective part?
  6. Definitely! That what warranties are for!
  7. Okay, so I should RMA or replace it somehow. Does anyone have any further advice specifically on the Gigabyte RMA process?
  8. Anyone?
  9. How did it go? Thinking about it myself
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