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Okay, I currently have two 360GB regular HDD's in RAID0, which gives me pretty good, and cheap, performance. I shall soon be running into some money and I'm thinking of an upgrade. I mainly do gaming, with a bit of recording and video processing on the side.

Here's my question, would I be better getting one 128(-ish)GB SSD or two 64(-ish)GB SSD's in RAID0, for best performance/£?
My price range is about £100 - 175. It would be really helpful if you could even recommend some drives!

Thanks a bunch :]
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  1. EDIT: I'm looking for SATA-II as I do not have a SATA-III mobo currently, unless the price difference is marginal and it'l semi-"future-proof" it.
  2. 2 ssds in raid 0 will be faster. The crucial m4 is good, don't know how much it costs for you though.
  3. How good are they over long-term in RAID0? I know that some have limited 'trash' clean-up. As TRIM isn't available in RAID. The 64GB version of the M4 is £92 for me.
  4. I would get a single 64GB SSD for your OS, and you do know that a good single SATA II drive like a WD 1TB Black is going to be faster than the drives you have in RAID right now? I am using a 60GB SSD for my OS, and the WD 1TB for programs and storage, and the performance I am getting is pretty decent. But if you want the raw performance of the SSD's over a regular drive, (they are simply amazingly fast, I'll grant you that) I would buy the 64 SSD for the OS, and a 128SSD for programs, if that is enough storage space for you. But bottom line, just putting your OS on a SSD by it's self makes for a very, very snappy PC for everyday use. Boot times for instance are just crazy, my PC takes about 15 seconds total.
  5. I'd quite like to have an SSD thats large enough for the OS + everyday programs + one or two of my most played games. I don't think 64GB would be large enough for me :/ My current setup gives me pretty good sequential speeds, I think. Not sure if a single 1TB drive would give similar performance, although I may be wrong.
  6. Well you did ask best performance but I would agree with jitpublisher, I would go with 1 ssd, that's plenty of speed (and I do render so speed is important).
  7. Okay, thanks :] Sorry if I wasn't the too clear. So the 128GB M4 would be a good way to go?
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