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Welcome to the Koolance Owners thread.

Here we will discuss different Koolance hardware used for watercooling, including blocks, pumps radiators, fittings, etc...anything Koolance. Current owners are welcome to offer their suggestions to other users and Q/A is encouraged when it comes to comparison shopping and/or advice.

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  1. well back a gene with another issue. I had a issue with the koolance under the HDD water blocks, not all of them jest the ones that implemented the pouch instead of a solid block. the pouch would split at the seams after a couple of years causing them to leak, it was a good thing that I still used the two part mix that came with the older blocks. I used it to attach the newer blocks otherwise the HHD's would have been destroyed.
  2. I liked their new no-spill QDCs. I bought the newest series (product code starts with V4LN) and they worked fantastically well. Never spit out even a drop. Only downside was that you need a lot of space to put them, since the coupled fittings are going to be 2-3 inches long.

    They're also quite sharp - cut my hand twice on the threads.
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