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Ok so i have three harddrives, lets call them XP, 7old, and 7new. So the 7old harddrive's OS,windows7, wasn't working (i have tried so much things to try to make it work and now i have given up). Because of this i am now planning on getting a new harddrive to do a clean install of windows 7, but then i want to ask if there is a way to restore/copy the applications/files i have in the 7old harddrive, to my new harddrive. (I cannot login to the 7old harddrive's os, but i can access the harddrive files from my xp harddrive). So is there a way to do a clean install then have my old files/applications transferred, since i cant really clone my old harddrive since the os wasn't working. Any suggesstions?
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  1. You seem to have tried everything possible to fix it, so the only thing left is to start anew......copying from the old drive is likely to bring the problems with it. This is one of the advantages of partitioning and keeping all your programs on a programs partition. Formatting the OS partition, leaves everything in place on the programs partition.....leaves everything in place on the games partitions....leaves everything in place on the data partition.

    Some programs and games are "self contained". Most however need to make registry entries and to make these pre-existing programs work again after the OS partition hs been formatted and reinstalled, requires that you install the game / program over itself. All custom settings will remain intact.
  2. Thx for the feedback, just another question. How much space should i give to the windows partition when i partition the harddrive?(500gb HDD)
  3. Iy will depend on which version of windows you have , windows 7 32bit you could do a 30gb partition and win 7 64bit a 50gb partition. I say those sizes because over time you will be getting updates and you don't want to run out of space.
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