What kind of server do we need?

We are a karaoke club looking to streamline our content management. Currently we have 6 studios each running a proprietary MAX/MSP patch on Windows XP. Our song library is loaded individually on each of the 6 machines, so whenever we want to add to it we have to upload 6 times. We're looking for a file server that could support all 6 machines accessing files (and perhaps the same exact file) at once. Any suggestions for what type would be great, we're in a little over our head on this one....
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  1. Are all 6 studios in the same locaton?

    You're looking at a basic server. Nothing fancy. Get a server that has Gigabit network connections. Use CAT5e networking cabling in the least and you'll want to invest in a Gigabit switch, maybe a 10-12 port switch.

    As far as the server goes, a low on Dell server would do nicely for you. Your biggest concern would be space.

    Depending on the amount of data, you could use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) which is basically a toned down PC with a lot of storage space on it. Each PC would connect to it and pull from it. Come to think of it, that would probably be the best route to go.

    Here's a link for you on the NAS. Comes to instructions to set it up as well. 1TB of storage.. which might be enough for now. You could always add a second one later on if you needed more space.

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