i have a gigabyte ma790gpt-ud3h rev. 1 and 2x2gb of memory modules from corsair CMD4GX3M2A1600C8.
the processor is a Phenon II x4 955 black edition 3.2ghz

im not sure if the problem is the onboard video card or the memory.

aways when i turn on the computer for the first time of the day, the system doesn´t boot.

a small green retangle and a character "Ñ" appears on screen. nothing happens after that!
i have to press the reset button to system boot up normaly.

i´m using only onboard sideport with dvi conection. i tryed all possible configurations in the bios.
i set corretly voltage and clock of memory. i tryed to change memory slots and nothing...

anyone knows about that error?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Do u have the last BIOS version?
    2- If ur rig recognize the 4GB without problems in Windows the RAM isn't the problem. But if u want, test the RAM with memtest86+
  2. Thank you :D ! i aways come here to find answers to my problems. now i´m posting mine...

    i´m not sure about BIOS. i bought this motherboard 4 days ago. maibe its original of rev 1.
    yes, all 4 gb r recognized in bios and windows.
  3. U can check in the BIOS the version that u have installed.

    I think that u could RMA the mobo, since is very new u will get a reply answer to ur issue.
  4. i wasn't home to tell the version of my bios
    now i'm back and i checked it.

    my BIOS is in F1 version

    i also checked gigabyte website to see the bios releases
    and i'm not sure if these version will solve my problem

    what is agesa?

    check these link: BIOS DOWNLOAD PAGE
  5. Update the BIOS to the F3 version, the F4G is a beta version and can have some problems.
  6. what is agesa?

    sorry, but i will not update my bios... until garantee period expires

    another inteligent action?
  7. AGESA means AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture', is a bootstrap protocol by which system devices on AMD64-architecture mainboards are initialized.

    The AGESA software in the BIOS of such mainboards is responsible for the initialization of the processor cores, memory, and the HyperTransport controller


    An about the problem, update the BIOS is the 1st step for try to solve a problem. Since ur mobo still have warranty u can contact with the Gigabyte tech support and maybe they can give to u another option to fix ur issue.
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