Error Performing Inpage Operation

I have a cooler master ST325062 4A and when I go to my computer and click on it and it either freezes the computer or comes up with E: can't be accessed error performing inpage error. I want to format it so I can put assassins creed on it but when I right click it freezes. WHAT DO I DO????????????????????
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  1. The drive itself, its cables or the port you've plugged it into has some sort of problem.

    1) Unplug and replug all of the cables, being careful to seat them fully into their sockets, to see if that solves the problem
    2) If that doesn't work, try different cables. If you don't have spares, swap cables with another drive.
    3) If that doesn't isolate the problem, try plugging the drive into a different motherboard SATA port.

    If none of those work, then suspect the drive. Use a utility such as "DiskCheckup" that can report the drive's SMART error counters to see if the drive is reporting problems.
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