Couldn't find bootmgr

I have a huge problem. I just built a new system with these specs:

Asus p7p55d pro motherboard
Intel core I7 860 cpu
G-skill 4gb ddr3 1600 memory
Sapphire radeon 5770

I am trying to install windows 7 pro 64bit and every time i do i get missing bootmgr.

I tried the following things and they did not work:
I used Seagate 160 gb hard drive sata config
I tried 60 gb western digital ide hard drive
I formated Seagete and i formated western digital hd's
I checket Seagate hard drive for bad sectors. came out clean.
I replaced dvd drives thinking maybe this is the issue.
I tired installing from windows 7 home premium 32bit
I tired windows vista home premium 32bit.
I tried booting the dvd on my laptop and they work fine.
I changed setting in bios to boot form dvd and i tried other settings without luck

I have no idea what the problem is. I am getting to a conclusion that maybe because the dvd rom is ide and not sata??? Is my motherboard bad???
I tried loading sata dirvers from a usb stick and i had no luck doing that. Maybe i was doing it wrong. Does windows 7 need sata drivers to be loaded form outside? Do i need to load sata drivers from the floppy disk???

sometimes i got something like that CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR

BOOTMGr is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I was able to install this windows on the same hard drive on a different pc, when i put it back in the new pc windows 7 crashes (probably driver issues). I go to fix the windows finds some errors but im not able to fix it.

I am so frustrated now. I have been working on this for 3 days and no luck.

can you pleas help me with that??? thank you guys!!!
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  1. Boot from the win 7 dvd and start a cmd console, after this, write C:\ and try with thhis command: fdisk /fix mbr or fix boot.
  2. You might have a bad hard drive. Bad sectors usually cause this or
    the Windows 7 installation DVD was a bad press. I get those once in a while.

    The ASUS motherboard tend to boot from DVD no mater if it is bootable or not.
    Here's what you do,

    Install Windows 7
    Once it reboots the first time, take the Windows 7 DVD out or go to your bios to make it boot from
    the hard drive first instead of the DVD-Rom.

    It sounds like it's trying to boot from the DVD and not the hard drive. I've had this problem before
    on 3 other ASUS boards. P5Q PRO, P6T Deluxe, and another AMD one.

    I always have it boot from hard drive first.
    When I install a new OS, I just usually go into the Boot Menu (F9 or F11) and choose to
    boot from my DVD-Drive. Then when Windows installation reboots, it passes up booting
    from the DVD-Drive.
  3. Try with this too, i read in another and works fine.

    Open "System Recovery Options" on the repair disk, or OS disk. Open up the Command Prompt.
    Try typing the following commands in order: "bootrec /fixmbr", "bootrec /fixboot", "bootrec /rebuildbdc".
  4. Oh, you don't need any sata drivers to to install Windows 7.
    You don't even need most RAID drivers. It sees almost everything.
  5. insert the Windows 7 Disc, wait until it load up and you will see on the left bottom of the screen
    fix computer, select the drive and Options" Open up the Command Prompt
    Try typing the following commands in order:

    (Hit Enter)

    (Hit Enter)
    then reboot your computer
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