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I have a Raid0 2x 500gb hd running in win7, recently I received a new case and decided to move all the hardware from one case to the other doing this caused my system to hang right as it was loading windows. so i figured it was loose wires or something of the sort so i went in and checked all the wiring still nothing. I removed everything aside from the main boot drives, vcard, and ram still nothing. then i looked at the raid setup and found that one of the drives wasn't currently on the raid saying it was a nonraid drive and that the raid setup wasnt bootible. Ive read around only thing i could come up with is i may of changed from SATA to IDE or something like that maybe someone has seen this before and could help ive built this pc and never had a prob with the raid setup
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  1. Make sure they are on the same set of SATA drives IN THE SAME ORDER. Seeing as it didn't boot, swap the cables.
  2. i switched the cables on the two drives and the same drive isnt on the raid
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