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Hello, I need someone to look at the specifications of the two PSUs I have picked out. These two are close in price but have good and bad points but either will do the job. However, I am new to PC building and don't have the time right now to learn what each "spec" is for. So if anyone has first hand knowledge of these two or advice on my question , it would be much appreciated. Here are two "TinyURLs" for both models that take you to TigerDirect ( they show full specs ) PSU #1 is Ultra X4 500-Watt Modular Power Supply - model ULT40364 at : PSU # 2 is Kingwin Mach 1 600-Watt Modular Power Supply - model ABT-600MA1S at : Please Help Me Decide, Thank You :hello:
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  1. Can you hmm choose any other PSU's? I am not saying they are bad PSU's (they are average at best) but for the price you can get superior quality PSU minus the modular. $89.99+$20 MIR.

    That one will smoke both of them. This power supply is 12v rated at 52a. 624ws. This is highly efficient.

    The kingwin model will not supply 22a on the 12v rails for sure (21a+22a=516w, the maximum listed for the 12v1/12v2 are 456). The math on the rails does not add up. This is a indication to move on to another PSU.

    on the Ultra X4 model, 32a on a 500w PSU is rather low. (maximum wattage 384 12v rail on a 500w is around 76% efficient, how it made it to 80 plus bronze is out of my knowledge.)
  2. Published specs are what the manufacturer "says" it can do rather than what it actually does. How close what they say comes to what they do is an indicator of how good the vendor is.

    Suggest consulting sites like:

    for guidance.
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