Case and cooling question

The case questions

I am splitting between the two following cases.

Aerocool PGS Vx-E Pro (£70)

CM Storm Scout (£80)

Both cases pretty much have the same number of fan mounts (front, side, top, back). The CM Storm Scout seems to have many good review everywhere I read. The Aerocool is slightly cheaper with not many reviews but the ones I can read (and google translate) seem to be positive as well.

1. Which one should I choose?
2. Is there any alternative?

I want medium tower with front, side, top, back fan mounts for good air circulation with a side window. Price £100 or less.

The cooling questions
I plan to use the Corsair H50 liquid cooling for the CPU and it is recommended on the website to flow air into the case to cool the radiator (which makes sense to me). Problem is the tubing is quite short so pretty much the only choice is to flip the back fan over to reverse air flow (planning on a push-pull set up). But that causes a somewhat imbalance in air intake vs exhaust.

3. Will there be any problem if there are more intake fan capacity than exhaust fan? There are other holes on the case for air to flow out, of course, but I just need to ask to make sure I'm not doing something stupid.

4. Has anyone try flipping the back fan to reverse air flow? All the 120mm fans seem almost identical to me and the one I see seem to be able to mount in either direction.

And finally.

5. Is there any easy-to-install, reasonably-priced alternative to the Corsair H50?

Thank you very much in advance. :bounce:
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  1. 1. I would go with the Scout.

    2. Try some Antec cases or maybe CM HAF 922 and CM 690.

    3. why not put the H50 radiator at the back, so the fan will push air outside the case? seems very logical to me. about intake/outake, the main thing u should watch out is the air flow: front-to-back and bottom-to-top.

    4. if u mean to flip the fan at the back so that it will intake air inside the case, I would do it only if there is sufficient air exhaust at the top.

    5. See CoolIT Domino, or some of the top-class air coolers.
  2. If I could only choose one of the two, then I would choose the Storm Scout.

    Here is an alternative, the Lian Li Dragon Lord series that is available in a variety of styles:
  3. Thank you! :D
    I think I'll look into other CM and Antec cases.
    As for cooling, I'll skip the water cooling idea for now. From my reading, good heat pipes can eat cheap water cooling for lunch.
  4. Big air is much more cost effective than little water kits. is a great source of reviews for air coolers.

    In the price range you're looking at, most all cases are going to do the job of holding your stuff and providing good enough cooling. If you have adequate intake and exhaust ports (fans can be added) then you're case won't make or break your overclock. I'd get the one you love the looks of. You're going to spend more time looking at it and if you don't love it, it will bug you to no end.

    I myself love the looks of the scout. I find it to be sexy and the fact that it has a handle on it is a big plus for me. I have a handle on my current case and it turns out to be very convenient anytime I have to move it.
  5. How about the Thermaltake Element S or Thermaltake Element G?
  6. Element S review, sounds good:

    Element G review, sounds good also, I like the dust filters and speed controls it offers.

    If price is about the same, I'd choose G since they look similar. But if you like the looks of the S alot better, the S will be good still.
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