$1700 Gaming & Production New Build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: November 16th BUDGET RANGE: Final Cost under $1700.00

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Video Production/Editing, Fraps Recording, and other standard operations

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor & Speakers





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: No i7 setup. Looking for a few people to assist with checking compatibility of this setup before purchase. I would like to be able to find quality options but save a little money where possible.

--Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80569Q9650 - Retail


--ASUS RAMPAGE FORMULA LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail


--EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail


-- (8GB)OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2RPR10664GK - Retail


-- (3 individual) Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive


CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power ... - Retail

COOLER MASTER HAF 922 RC-922M-KKN1-GP Black Steel + Plastic and Mesh Bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 92mm Fluid Dynamic CPU Cooler - Retail

Vista 64bit

Any recommendations or comments are greatly appreciated. I'm not interested in an i7 setup.
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  1. Sorry to bump this, but I would appreciate if anyone could share any insights about this potential setup. Would anyone recommend a Blu-Ray drive to be purchased for this setup?

    Is the motherboard OK?
  2. That would have been a good build 18 months ago.

    Socket 775 is dead-end.

    DDR2 RAM is becoming more expensive than DDR3.

    WD Caviar Black 500 is an old dual platter drive, the new 500GB single platter drives (samsung F3) are faster.

    9800 GTX+ is outdated. For the same price you can get a much more powerful 4870 or a DX11 compatible 5750.

    Almost everything you list can be replaced faster or cheaper with newer components. I dont feel I can be helpful by recommending already antiquated parts. I think thats why no one else has posted yet either.

    On a more positive note, the case and power supply are both excellent choices.
  3. I agree with dndhatcher. Why buy old parts, when you can get newer, better performing parts for the same price?
  4. To End this Thread dude, I'll agree with everyone else, your build is much to expensive without any real reason for the price, I would get a 5870 or 5850 instead and only a single HDD. get a 1156 or 1366 or AM3 Board with Phenom 2 X3-4, core i5/7 with 1700 bucks you could do all this and more with ease.

    Good luck dude.
  5. I should have added that I primarily use my PC for Flight Simulator X and to record via Fraps so I can post my content to YouTube (Look me up on YouTube - Channel Cessna154)

    I'm going with a quad because i7 isn't appealing to me and I know a Quad will work better for my FSX needs as well as being able to power my editing needs.

    I appreciate the comment about the Hard Drive, I will look for the recommended option. I'm buying 3 separate drives because I need one drive for the OS and the other drives for data.

    The 9800GTX+ has been a reliable card for me when it came to my gaming usage.
  6. The i7 is superior to the Core 2 Quad. I don't know where you found that it was better, but the i7 will outperform the Core 2 Quad in every area.

    The 9800GTX+ is an old card. You can get better for the money. Cards today are just as reliable as the 9800GTX+, and much faster.

    Your reasons for buying old hardware don't make any sense.
  7. The i7 is the fastest quad intel makes right now. Frozen outposted me...

    Samsung has an F3 1TB that would work well as a fast data drive, unless you are doing 3 drives in raid for redundancy.
  8. I'm gonna agree in that this is all outdated technology top to bottom. The 9600 GT won the best $80 card category here:


    but $80 doesn't seem logical in a $1500 machine. The only remaining viable nVidia cards (see same THG article as well as anandtech one) are the 260 and 295. The rest of the spectrum, ATI takes all the top "best card for the money" however, the 4xxx series takes the crown on all but the $155 and $310 categories where it's a 3 way tie between the 4870, 5770 and 260.

    See some of these:


    PSU and case choice is good but 750 watts oversized
  9. buy an i5 or i7 with that budget..
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