8800 GTS 320Mb Replacement

Hello folks, I've got a question for you.

I currently have a C2Q / 8800GTS system. I don't really play any intense pc games anymore, so I am in the market for a power-efficient yet modestly powered graphics card. I have no preference as to whether Nvidia or ATI makes it. I think I would prefer something fanless but I am willing to have one with a fan.

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Thanks Tom's readers!
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  1. I went your way also, i picked up a 4670. I recommend the same, or a 4650, i have heard they have fanless in one of those models.
  2. I don't like fanless gpus, they can get pretty hot if they don't have a large enough cooler or you dont' have a breeze in your case. The 4670 is a nice card that will even allow you to play some games.

    Why not just keep your 8800GTS? you want to spend money on a more efficient card that might save you a couple bucks in power over a year? That's kinda silly. No offense.
  3. 5750
  4. As far as playback of HD video is concerned, does the 128-bit memory bus matter?
  5. Since you don't game much keep your 8800GTS.It will play all modern games(Though not at high).

    BTW Whats your budget for the card?
  6. the 5750 makes up for a small bus with faster memory
  7. He is looking for less power consumption, the 8800 gts 320 uses a lot of juice. Over a few years the savings can add up. Plus, he can turn around and sell the 8800 gts for something, especially to someone who might want to SLI there current 8800GTS.
  8. 5xx series are some of the best low power cards round
  9. The idle characteristics of the 5xxx series are nothing short of amazing in terms of power consumption. Obviously when gaming the situation changes and it behaves more as a normal card... but who games 24/7? If this is a PC that is going to be left on 24/7 a new video card MIGHT not be a horrible investment. Most people go after the low powered cards for heat/noise reasons... but hey, to each his own!
  10. The HD 5xxx series does look pretty appetizing.

    Nvidia just launched the 240, I know it doesn't have as much power as the 8800GTS, but what are your opinions on that card?
  11. shubham1401 said:
    BTW Whats your budget for the card?

    I would like to get away with spending less than $120, but I am willing to go beyond that for special circumstances.
  12. HD5750:

    This will be a real improvement over your card and it is energy efficient too.
    You can wait for prices t come down.

    2Nd option is HD4670 .
    3rd option is HD4770.

    Performance wise 5750>4770>4670

    See the power requirement of these cards and decide yourself.
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