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Welcome to the Thermaltake Owners thread.

Here we will discuss different Thermaltake hardware used for watercooling, including blocks, pumps radiators, fittings, etc...anything Thermaltake. Current owners are welcome to offer their suggestions to other users and Q/A is encouraged when it comes to comparison shopping and/or advice.

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  1. I have almost all thermaltake fans, never had one go bad. Can't say the same for coolermaster, xigmatek, Masscool (definately crap), Antec, or SilenX

    looked at a thermaltake water radiator ... didn't like it, didn't try it.
  2. ^ wouldn't try it!

    have a thermaltake Spedo, armor toughpower and grand psu's and a bunch of case fans from them

    wouldn't dare try a Tt rad or cooling setup...not even their LCS'
  3. I own a thermaltake kandolf and ill say the base lcs is a lot better than i thought it would be it cooled a AMD 965 BE clocked at 4.0 and a full motherboard block for a crosshair III with a full motherboard overclock. I didn’t have to upgrade to a custom loop until i got water blocks for my 5850 xfire.
    Although i would not recommend any prebuilt lcs this one came with the case and it did everything and more than it calmed, unlike some other prebuilt kits i have had experience with.
    I bought my kandolf 5 years ago its been threw 3 moves and still there is not a thing broken on it its a very robust case and it has lots of room for all your desired components. Im still using the original 3x120 rad with the stock fans and there is never any noise from the fans.
    all in all id recommend thermaltake as i have had great results with the products i own. But there is always bigger and better
  4. Thermaltake watercooling? Or just the case?
  5. my case is the kandolf lcs it came with the built in 320 rad, pump res combo and cpu block, i have upgraded all the components except the rad i simply added a thermochill 320 and 3 sythe 133 cfm fans to the loop because i added 2 gpu blocks ( i am wanting to change out the thermaltake rad at this point but mounting is an issue as the case mount is for a thin rad) and i dont feel its worth the change for the slight increase ill get out of replacing a skinny rad with another skinny rad. i am adding a second thermochill 320 and have a new use for the thermaltake rad. but my point was all the original parts are still being used in other systems and have been running flawlessly, in my opinnion that say alot for thermaltake

    i also had a thermaltake bach but i was not happy with it as the temps get really high in such a small case
  6. The thermaltake radiators do their job, the main problem is they are extremely restrictive due to their AC coil design rather than a standard radiator.
  7. I run thermaltake in my computer and have been very happy with it. I just recently went back to an air cooled gpu with my 7950 since its temps don't get very high and the fans on it don't sound like a jet engine taking off like my old 4850's did.

    I run a custom loop for my Armor LCS case cooling my Phenom II x4 965. It runs at an OC of 3.7 with out having to up any voltages on the system and peaks at 52c only on hot summer days either wise its at the mid 40's on temps and idles around 30-35c pending on how hot my room is.

    I run the stock waterblock that came with the system but might be looking to go to thermaltakes new waterblock when I update to a AM3+ motherboard. I run a dual radiator system with it since i used to have 1 strictly for my cpu and 1 for my gpu. Now though I have it feeding from my pump to my cpu then to my single 120mm fan radiator then to my dual 120mm radiator and back to the tank.
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