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On a computer with a windows 7 O/S and with a 7 x 64 BIT C-P-U. If I run it in windows xp mode, Will A 32 bit driver for my -: 'mustek 1200 plus' Scanner work? As it will not work in the new 64 bit computer? I/E Will windows xp mode allow me to down load DRIVERS
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  1. It should thou you'd only be able to use the scanner while in virtual XP mode which is where the drivers would load as I understand it at least. Yo do need a cpu that supports virtualization to use XP mode in case you didn't know.
  2. The problem as i see it is-: if I down load virtual XP mode will this automatily then kick the CPU in to 32 bit mode from 64 bit so that scanner will work with the software that i got with the scanner. ''it worked on my old 32bit PC''
    As there is no point in down loading virtual XP mode if the XP O/S is not going to some how see the drivers and use them.!
    Yes I did know about the need of a CPU that supports virtualization to use XP mode, and it needs to be turned on in the BIOS.
    Thank you for your reply.
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