Sata to Pata Converter performance issue

I am required to use two Sata to Pata Converters with my new MoBo.My MoBo has SATA ports while my HDD & DVD-RW need PATA ports.

(1)Would these Sata to Pata Converters affect my HDD & DVD-RW performance adversely .If ,yes ,how much?.
(2) Is this performance bottle neck negligible and can be overlooked.

Please enlighten? : :??:

PS:not sure if I've posted in the right section.
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  1. pata caps at 133MB/s while sata caps at 187.5 375 and 750

    your HD might only be able to handle 90 so no, i doubt they would have any impact on your performance but you are running old hardware. a pata drive will be slower than a high end sata drive.
  2. Thanks for the info which seems to be precise.My doubts have been cleared.
    If someone could suggest good brands for SATA-IDE adapters.
  3. i have never used one... but ill take a look. i would recommend looking into a new drive as 1TB drives are around 50 bucks and dvd drives are around 12. might be cheaper than getting adapters...
  4. Get new SATA drives. Think about this, your hard drive is the slowest piece of hardware in your system, by a mile. Now, if you are running new hardware to point that it no longer even has PATA ports, why in the world would you want to cripple the performance of your system by using that old ATA drive? If budget limited, I understand, but you can get a new SATA drives for reasonable prices, and though its not too big of a deal, you don't have to deal with old big ribbon cables and jumpers, worry about master, slave, cable select, etc. The BIOS takes care of what drive does what, and the boot order.
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