After installing win 7 on a new ssd automatic shutdown will not work?

I just installed a new Plextor Solid State Drive and loaded Windows 7 Ultimate. After doing the windows updates, automatic shutdown stopped working.
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  1. Hi Wayne7846, after a little browse on google, i have found this article with some useful info on initial setup of sdd when installing windows 7.

    It DOES NOT address your problem in anyway, but may be helpful in trying to resolve your problem and may give you a better idea of where and what to ask next if not resolved.

    You also might want to look over this thread, near the bottom some geezer also has a problem with system not shutting down ( takes a long time so it seems from the thread).

    So good reading and good luck :-)

    Good luck :-)
  2. sorry, did not include second link :-(

    Good luck!
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