Upgrading my HP pavilion a6110n

As you know I am new at this whole upgrading the PC. I was wondering what Processor,GPU,PSU will fit in the case. Will quad core be even possible for this desktop? (i5,Q9000) Also what ram and mobo should I buy? I'm hoping this desktop could be turned into a gaming desktop. If you could recommend me parts it will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. if it is in the wrong section please (mods) move it to the appropriate one. Thank you :)

oh specs to my current desktop.

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  1. If you're going to spend the money to replace everything in the computer, why not just start from scratch and build one from the ground up. That way you won't have that goofy looking HP case giving you a headache.

    But as long as you're planning on replacing the motherboard, anything is possible. What mobo you buy will determine almost everything else you asked (RAM, processor, expansion slots). As far as the PSU, it depends how many drives, fans, etc. you will be running. And GPU depends on the measurements of the case itself. You may have to do some internal measuring and then compare those to the dimensions of the card you are intending to buy.

    This has potential to be a good PC, but you're only saving yourself $50-100 by using a case you already have. Like I said, I recommend starting from scratch. But whatever you do, have fun.
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