LG CH10LS20 Blu-ray Problems. Do I need a new pc?

At home I have a blu-ray dvd player for my tv. I've a largish collection of dvds and I've been selectively buying some blu-ray disks.
My self built pc is about 2yrs old. AMD Phenom 9950, quad core, 2.60ghz.
4 gig of matched memory. Mb is Gigabyte m750sli-ds4. Graphics are nvidia 750a SLI on the motherboard, plus a zotac nvidia geforce 8800gt daughterboard which was a mid-ranged card.
Main monitor's plugged into the 8800gt, smaller monitor's plugged into the 750sli DVI.
I work from home as a software developer and sometimes have a video playing on my 2nd monitor while coding on my first. I also use the pc for games playing and it's been fine for what I've needed.
A couple of months ago I thought I'd buy an internal blu-ray player so I could watch my blu-ray's and settled on LG's ch10ls20. I'm not particularly interested in the HD aspects as I've got that in the other room if I want to sit in there.
The drive came with Cyberlink's version 7 software which didn't find the BD drive although everything else tested ok on their BD Advisor.
(I also downloaded the trial version of Cyberlink's latest player. This version saw the blu-ray when I loaded a disk but the player spat back at me saying that software acceleration only came with the full version. I'm not paying their prices for a full player that might not even work when I get it)
After emails to LG and Cyberlink to try to solve the problem, a representative from LG phoned me up and told me that the tech department said that for BD to work it needed a high-end system to run on.
Is my pc so poorly specced? I've considered building a newer pc but just to play Blu-ray seems a poor excuse to spend hundreds of pounds.
I also wondered if some problem was generated because I'm using 2 graphics cards. I've no idea how extending the desktop across 2 screens affects performance. Or is it because I'm not using HD output.
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  1. I've just checked HDCP status in NVidia Control panel. My first monitor/card is HDCP capable but my 2nd card/monitor isn't.
    My first card has 2 outputs. Can I use these for my 2 monitors? Will it impede performance if I can?
  2. Solved my own problem.
    Plugged the 2nd monitor into the 2nd output of my 8800gt card.
    Now NVidial HDCP status says that the graphics card is ok for both monitors, but my 2nd monitor isnt HDCP capable.
    I ran Cyberlink's BD advisor and it can now see the BD rom. Power DVD can play ok, but only in my 1st monitor. In the 2nd monitor, power dvd shows a black screen.
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