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I'm going to buy Intel core i5 and
Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 as the motherboard. It is of form factor Micro ATX. I am also purchasing Antec 900 chassis and ATI 5850 card. Will the card fit into the board properly and will the board fit into the chassis properly? Any recommendations?

Thank you.

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  1. yes , the 900 is has more than enough space for that card and is compatible with micro-atx which is the form factor of ud2 . it is a good case .

    it is actually good that you are getting antec 900 and not 300 , which could fit ud2 but you would have had drive bays getting too close or unusable with long video cards . also , dont get the antec 1200 , that would be overkill .

    all the best and congratulations on your purchase . by the way , what price are you getting the 5850 at ? of course its your money but i would not recommend it for 300$ and wait for it to drop whe availability is more . its is THE card to get otherwise .
  2. Thanks a lot for the info. I am getting a 650W Antec/Coolermaster PSU. The card is temporarily out of stock from amazon. It was listed at $266


    I'll wait when its for sale again. Probably it will be there in a month. Your views?
  3. ok . what i am thinking is that the 4870 launched at 300 dollars for 512 mb version , now its 150-165 for even the 1gb versions . and the 5850 launched at 260 . so there is a possibility of it going down a lot but it'll take some time . 266 is ok , but how long can you wait ? do you have another card lying around you could use for a while ? dont get it for 290-300$ as the rumored prices once it comes back in stock ... what do u think ?
  4. I can wait till Dec 12 max. Is there any chance it will fall down by then? Also on black friday, do you expect getting discounts? I want 5850 because its DX-11 supportive.
  5. there is not going to be a drop below launch prices by that time , so anyways , get a card as soon as it comes in stock . they are saying end of this month for end of availability issues , and it may get sold out pretty quickly , so dont wait till dec 12 end-day . that 266 was a good price .
  6. Being one of the newest cards and out of stock I am in doubts it will fall. The 4000 series cards on the other hand have every reason to drop in price. Keep an eye out, you never know but unfortunately I think I'm right...
  7. Okay. I'll contact XFX and check out when its gonna available. I don't know why I am running behind the 5850 when 5770 is available for $100 less. With the i5, will the 5850 kick 5770's butt?
  8. yes , the 5850 is way better than a 5770 , and , even nicer , better than the gtx 285 while producing less heat and at a lesser price . if that 100$ is not that much of a problem , get the 5850 surely and you would not regret it.
  9. Guys I have order everything except for the chassis and PSU. Confused over Antec 900 and coolermaster HAF-922. I don't understand which PSU would be good. Any thoughts??
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