I7 930 32nm?

Im still hoping and praying its 32nm, any chance its true?
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  1. Pretty sure its gonna be 45nm. Cant particularly remember where I heard it at, but I know i heard it.
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    Yup. read an article this morning that said it's 45nm. If that's not enough, I saw a CPU-Z screenshot of the i7 930 (maybe somewhere here? I don't remember), and yes, 45nm. Next, it still has a ~130w TDP. If it was 32nm, it would probably be something like 95w.

    Sad. I want a 930, and I'm more than a bit disappointed about Intel's move. :(
  3. Yea that's what I was afraid of, no 32nm quadcore, other then xeon. How do you like you i3 540 psychsaysdie? I think that's what I'm about to buy since no 32nm quads for desktops anytime soon
  4. 540 worth the extra cash over the 530? your running 23x 209? EVGA P55 ? not a h55 board?
  5. Quote:
    LOVE it. I think the E5620 and the X5650 might be reasonably priced. When i say that they'll probably be 300-400 dollars

    I'd love to get a 6 core X5650 for that price, but somehow I doubt it'll be that "cheap".
  6. Quote:
    I'm willing to pay in the 600-700 range for one

    can you game on one of those? does it run win 7?
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  8. I accidentally noticed you picked me as the best answer, and I'm honored and humbled. :3

    Unless you're running a server, you don't really need 6 cores. Now, it's better to have a faster quad core CPU because applications still don't have the optimum multi-core scalability. Even with the latest games, fast quad > med hex.

    BTW, look here.

    The W3530 seems to me like a preview of the i7 930. (W3520=i7 920, etc.) It's 2.8GHz, has 130W TDP, and has 8MB L3 cache, like the 920.

    The only real difference between the 920 and the 930 is that the 920's multiplier is 20, and the 30's is 21. So you might be able to squeeze a little higher overclock out of the 930...

    Well, I'm waiting for a 6gb/s SSD, so I might as well wait for the 930.. :)
  9. If the x5650 is actually only between 300 and 400$ (which i don't think it will be since amd won't have any competing 6 core cpu's for servers)I will buy 2 im hoping once pcisig gets off their ass and finally finalizes pcie3.0 specs that evga will build another ddr3 dual socket 1366 mobo with sli and or crossfire and pcie3.0.A board like that with 2 6 core cpu's is my wett dream. :love:
  10. ^^You ARE aware that AMD had 6-core opterons out for maybe a year now? Don't forget they have quad-socket mobos for a total of 24 cores...
  11. Zinosys said:
    ^^You ARE aware that AMD had 6-core opterons out for maybe a year now? Don't forget they have quad-socket mobos for a total of 24 cores...

    Yes quite aware.I just don't think they will out perform the 6 core amd's clock for clock which is the only thing thats relevant since server procs are pretty much never oced.From the benchies iv'e seen the four core intels out perform the 4 core amd's and making the 6 core procs 32nm will squeeze a little more perfomance out of them.So im guessing the x5650 will have a price point between 400 and 500 atleast maybe higher.I hope not though.
  12. sorry 6 core (intels) clock for clock
  13. ^^Yeah, well, stereotypically, that's how it's been going. AMD invents something, intel makes it better. Even the i7 920 at 2.66 GHz outperforms the Phenom II 965 which is 3.4GHz!

    Seeing that the 6c Opterons are around $700-900, and the Dunnington Xeons are $2300 to $3000... And don't forget even the i7 960 is $580...

    I don't think it will be a stretch to say that intel's 32nm Hexacores will be arount $1700-3200. :(
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