HDMI resolution problems!

I'v got the ViewSonic VX2260wm monitor and I have the resolution on recommended 1920x1080 through a DVI connector. This has been working flawlessly. I bought a HDMI connector and with keeping the resolution the same I found that with the HDMI, the edges cut off the screen. To fix this I have to downscale to 1832x1030. why is it that I can have full resolution through DVI but not HDMI?? I make the most out of HD technology so would prefer to bring the resolution back up to 1920x1080, any ideas how I can get back to this without cutting off the edges?
Thanks =)

As I just realised I need to choose a sub-category. I have put it under Nvidia. Before you ask (cos I know someone will) Im using a GeForce 9800GX2 GPU.
Thanks again
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  1. Are you using an DVI to HDMI adapater? Or, did you buy an HDMI cable altogether?

    If using an adapter, while it shouldn't make a difference, is prolly whats causing the scaling issues.
  2. There is not reason to go from DVI to HDMI unless you plan to push audio through it. HDMI is just DVI with audio.

    check the monitor settings to make sure you are running at 60Hz. When I hook my video card up to my tv using HDMI it sets the refresh to 30Hz and doesn't fill my screen. I have to manually set the refresh. Could be the same thing.
  3. I'v got an actual HDMI cable. MY GPU has a HDMI port and so does my mother board so have the option of getting a straight cable without adapters. I think i will just have to go back to DVI. This is more me trying to figure out why I cant have a max resolution on HDMI but i can with DVI.... oh well....what a waste of money for HDMI =P got the cables for all my monitors. think ill just sell them off?
  4. Check the display settings. Make sure it is detecting the monitor properly. If it isn't it won't display it correctly.
  5. Just checked, its detected exactly what monitor it is, its up to date on the drivers, its on paper good to go but for some reason not displaying the high res i want.
  6. Thanks to Tom Hardware.

    This discussion was very helpful. I have a new Dell with a Radeon HD 4350 graphics card with 1920x1080 max resolution and conneceted to HP w2338h also with 1920x1080 max resolution . However, when I connected with an HDMI cable the resolution was horrible (fuzzy) and worse there was a black square around the borders of the screen (shrunken screen size). Unclear why. Updating/reinstalling drivers for graphics card didn't help.

    Anyway, this discussion made me think it may be the HDMI cable at issue and when I connected with VGA cable it worked perfectly. Still don't know why the HDMI connection is not working but now I can take my time figuring that out.
  7. Wow, I have the same RAdeon HD 4350 card with the Viewsonic mentioned (running Windows 7 64 bit) and have the EXACT same problem. I cannot get the full 1920x1080 resolution with my HDMI cable. But it works very well with the DVI! I have done all the proper things and the issue seems unresolvable at this point.

    Hopefully, someone will figure this one out or perhaps Viewsonic will write a new driver. Computers! Great things but also frustrating as heck.
  8. Ditto. Running a 5870 with samsung p2470hd, win 7 64. drivers upto date cant run on 1080p as it cant see some of the display. Any other ideas????????????
  9. I also have the same problem; Nvidia GPU through HDMI to Pioneer Kuro Plazma and I have to strech the display to 1800 something to be able to see the desktop properly. Also no option to position the screen only sizing is possible. (Windows 7 32-bit)
  10. I have fixed my problem! It turns out that there was an option on the Pioneer for determining if the input signal was from a PC or from a Video player. I got a perfect picture when I switched to PC :bounce:
  11. Hi All,

    I just experiencing this problem after switching to new monitor. my new monitor don't have DVI, either VGA or HDMI and my graphic card only have DVI.

    I use DVI-HDMI converter and my screen now have a black square around the borders of the screen (shrunken screen size).

    Hope someone know how to solve the problem.

    Win 7 32-bit, Radeon HD 4850.
  12. Great, eroxus gave the right hint.

    I changed in the menu of my Samsung SyncMaster P2270HD the entry for HDMI from empty (----) to PC, and now I can set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 and get a clear, sharp, full size picture.

    Thanks folks!
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