PC messed up since playing Left 4 Dead 2

I installed Left 4 Dead 2 after several attempts the other day and eventually started to play it.

Once I started to play it the game crashed, so I had to reboot, since then the graphics on my computer have completely messed up, I have multicoloured dots all over my screen and the colours are really bright and the resolution is too big.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers and doing a system restore and tried booting in safe mode but it still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this as its becoming really annoying,

The card is a nVidia BFG 8800 GTS OC

Many Thanks
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  1. what's ur power supply mark and model ?
  2. Ouch, it sounds like your card may have just died on you. Did you actually make it into the game and start playing before it crashed? It sounds like the fan could have failed and the card overheated. Have you tried backing up your data and doing a reformat+reinstall just to make sure? At least BFG cards come with a lifetime warranty if it does happen to be the card. I've heard their customer service is pretty good too.
  3. Ok, thanks for the replies guys :)

    My PSU is a 600w OcZ Stealth Xstream

    and I did get into the game and played it for about 30 seconds and it just crashed on me and its messed up since then. But I can still hear that the fan is working.

    So it looks like I'm gonna need a new card?

    EDIT - Just fitted an old card into the PC and there's no defects on the screen, must be the other card then?
  4. If another card works fine it's pretty safe to say it's the video card that died. Give BFG a call and they should take care of you.
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