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I just installed an HD4850 and I get 60fps like normal, but if I mouse over a bag I get lag and fps drops, then comes back up, but lag is ever-present. I open Auction House and search, then close it, and fps drop s to about 8 and stays and will not go back up. What the hell is wrong with upgrading to a newer card???? Happens ever time I have upgraded, and had to go through hell to get the new cards to eventually work.
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  1. tyr disabling all your addons and see what happenes. I get 75fps most of the time and hardly ever lag unless in a big raid.
  2. Yeah, I had to uninstall all of them, then reinstall them, worked, but I'm back to stuck at 60fps, which is what I've always gotten, with every video card I've used. At least my other games benefitted from the upgrade, guess WOW just won;t do it if you have any add-ons.
  3. I dont play WoW but im sure it has vsync like most games. Do you have vsync on or off? Also when you installed the new card did you remeber to fully uninstall all of the old drivers and start fresh?
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