Help me find a psu and case for my computer, and fix everything else?





i wan't the computer to be for gaming, movie watching, and music. for the gaming, i don't mean a hard-core gaming pc. i just want to be able to play some games on it. better than a regular computer maybe... but not as good as a gaming pc.

so, if you can find any cheaper parts for the computer please send me links. this is why i think the top video card would be fine, but then again for what i want i think the video card's the most important, right? so if i'm gonna get the more expensive video card, all the more reason i ask for cheaper other stuff.

but make sure it all fits

so, for this computer, what i have left that i have NO IDEA what i'm getting, is the chassis (computer case) and the power supply. i really need help with those. please send me links to some that would work with everything else.

my budget is $300 - $400
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  1. Well, motherboard, ram, cpu, and video will probably come close to $400 already.
    You don't want to skimp on the PSU This one is pretty good. As for a case. NZXT has some budget cases that look pretty cool, but I would always recommend the Antec 300. You can usually find deals on it for $40 shipped. I don't see any deals on the Antec 300 right now.
  2. Does your $400.00 budget have to include a complete pc system? You did not mention memory, optical drive (dvd), or cpu heatsink. What about a keyboard and mouse?
  3. for video card, get a 4850 for $99.9 which will give u more that 200% the performance of your card, and it is a best card for the money. toms cfed two of them for $600 budget, so it is not too much for u to get an 4850 at this budget.
    4850 is the MUST GET component on ur pc.

    for cpu, it is really no point to get the 545. get 435 which will give u a lOT BETTER performance and save u a few bucks, if u feel that u are getting out of ur budget, get athlon II 245 or athlon II 250 which will save the money u spended more on a 4850, a 250 or 245 is powerfull enough to acheve the best performance of 4850, AND, don't worry that it will be slow at daily usage, U FEEL no difference between 250 and 545 at daily usage, the speed u open a window or copy some document or startup shut down is more depend on your harddrive and the one you choosed is a good one. get a cheaper motherboard since you won't need a lot of fance specs. reliable is just enough.

    435 cpuand MB combo

    get this case

    get this psu

    and just a reminder that don't forget to buy ur ram....

    take this then...

    there goes ur pc, pretty hard core XD, fits ur budget except for the ram..

    still , if u want something cheaper, turn to the 2gb ram coz 4gb is not always useful.. and u'll be paying $100 on OS, and another $120 on monitor and another $30 for mouse and keyboard another $20 for dvd reader... u'll probbly ending up paying $700-800, if u are cutting things down, cut ram and MB and cpu and hd and keep 4850 as hard as u can, if failed go see 9600 or 4670directly, that's all.
  4. i forgot to mention i have a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, can get a dvd drive free, and already have an xp cd. so all that i don't need to spend on
  5. i would like to keep my herboard and hard drive. that much i know
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